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Reagan's Achievements

January 14, 1987

With 1986 closing on a somewhat uncertain note for our President, it's important for us as a nation not to lose sight of what we've achieved over the past six years.

Inflation is down, employment is up, and Americans are feeling better about themselves and their country than they have in many years. This is no small accomplishment.

The Vietnam War traumatized our nation. Then came the Watergate years. Respect for our country and its values fell to an all-time low. We began to doubt ourselves--who we were, and where we were going.

The road to recovery began in 1980. That's when we elected Ronald Reagan 40th President of the United States. President Reagan proudly espoused his love for and belief in our nation, just as he had in the '60s and '70s, when it wasn't popular.

This positive feeling for our country has characterized the Reagan presidency and affected the entire nation. It's helped us mend the wounds of the past, and rekindle a healthy respect for ourselves and our country.

"Leadership That's Working," was the motto that carried the President to overwhelmingly re-election victory in 1984. Leadership is the ability to infuse in others a belief in themselves. Without this it is impossible for a nation to stand--much less prosper. This is the leadership President Reagan has brought to our nation.

But now all this is threatened. Like a dark cloud, the Iran/ contra affair threatens to unravel the positive unity we've begun to enjoy.

We can't allow that to happen.

"The pride is back," the TV ad says. We can't let it slip away. We can't forget the victories and triumphs of the past six years. And while we resolve to correct our deficiencies, we must also resolve to let nothing undermine the unity and cohesiveness that's taken us so long to regain.


Huntington Beach

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