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U.S, Soviets Resume Arms Talks in Geneva

January 15, 1987|Associated Press

GENEVA — Superpower arms talks resumed today with a luncheon meeting between U.S. delegation head Max M. Kampelman and his new Soviet counterpart, Yuli M. Vorontsov.

The two delegation leaders met privately at Soviet request, instead of heading a meeting of all three top negotiators from each side, which normally marks the beginning of a round.

U.S. spokesman Terry Shroeder said he had no information on when the next session in the seventh round of arms talks would be. "I have nothing for the news media on this as yet," he said.

Asked about the results of today's session, which was the two men's first meeting, he said, "It went fine." He declined further comment.

The luncheon lasted just over two hours.

Warm Greeting

When Kampelman arrived at the Soviet mission, he and Vorontsov greeted each other warmly in front of reporters. They declined to say what they planned to discuss.

At a news conference later, Alexei Obukhov, deputy head of the Soviet delegation, said the two men planned to discuss substantive and procedural questions and to get to know each other during the lunch.

Vorontsov, a first secretary in the Foreign Ministry, holds a higher rank than his predecessor at the arms talks, Viktor Karpov.

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