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Goodby Kfac

January 18, 1987

It is news to me that radio station KFAC needed a housecleaning. I do hope the new owners, Classical Communications Inc., are proud of themselves. In the months to be, it may be all they have to warm their little hearts.

The way they have treated broadcasters Tom Dixon, Fred Crane, Carl Princi, Martin Workman, Doug Ordunio and A. James Liska and the engineers is unforgiveable, and certainly unnecessary.

The new owners, and their advertisers, can bank heavily on the fact that I will not be listening to their "improved" KFAC from now on. Nor will quite a few other people I know.

I grew up listening to KFAC; it was a family tradition I enjoyed carrying on. I enjoyed hearing all kinds of medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, modern, impressionist, jazz, musicals, opera, even popular music.

I didn't always like all of it, but it didn't hurt me to be exposed to it. I even enjoyed some of the commercial interruptions.

I already miss "Adventure in Good Music," "Luncheon at the Music Center," "Invitation to the Dance," "Something Special," "The Ambassador Hour," "Delta Opera House"--I could go on and on.

But most of all, I miss those well-loved voices. I hope it isn't really goodby.



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