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Dear Dale:

Opening the Door to Closet Renovation

January 18, 1987|Dale Baldwin

Question: I've gathered some ideas about remodeling closets from home shows and magazine and newspaper articles and advertisements. I'm going to try to redo my closets myself by removing the single door on my old-fashioned closet, widening the opening and installing sliding doors. I have limited experience in doing something like this, but I know I can hang shelves, so it's worth a try. Can you guide me to a good source for closet doors?

Answer: There are many door companies in Southern California (a listing of about six pages in the Los Angeles Consumer Yellow Pages), and I do suggest that you shop around for the type that suits your needs and decor best. In West Los Angeles, the Westside Door & Moulding Co., 2102 S. Sepulveda Blvd., has a showroom that features between 10 and 15 closet doors and a catalogue offering more; home centers often have a good selection.

One of the largest firms that manufactures and distributes mirror doors (and only mirror doors) for do-it-yourselfers is Contractors Wardrobe, 25555 Avenue Stanford, Valencia, Calif. 91355. Leland Davis, sales manager, says the mirror doors are distributed through about 600 glass shops in Southern California. There are about 20 types in different colors and materials, including steel, aluminum and oak.

Contractors Wardrobe will send instructions for installing the doors if you write and send a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

While enlarging the closet opening creates dust and clutter, the single most important thing is measuring the finished opening accurately to be sure the doors you buy will fit, Davis says, adding, however, they can make doors in any sizes.

If you get discouraged, you might want to call in one of the professional closet remodelers.

Also, after getting an estimate of the materials you'll need for your renovation, you may want to compare your costs with those of a professional before you take on the task.

MAIL BAG: T.J. Owens of Graber Industries Inc. writes that Graber manufactures a regular or super-duty slim-line aluminum drapery track for creating roll pleats, rather than French pleats. The Graber track has snaps that fasten to other snaps in a tape on the drapery heading. He says any retailer has access to Graber products. (The Los Angeles sales office is at 12611 Hidden Creek, Cerritos, Calif. 90701.)

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