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Hazzard Would Like to Change Lineup, but Not Winning Ways

January 18, 1987|THOMAS BONK | Times Staff Writer

UCLA, which is winning games at about the same pace it makes lineup changes, has a chance to accomplish both this afternoon when it takes on Oregon State at Pauley Pavilion at 3 p.m.

The Bruins have won seven straight and have another new lineup ready to show the Beavers, if Coach Walt Hazzard decides to go ahead with his staff's recommendation.

Freshman power forward Trevor Wilson is about to become the most recent starter. Wilson would replace Charles Rochelin, who replaced Craig Jackson.

Showing how these things come full circle, Jackson is now competing with Wilson for his old job.

"I'm torn between people at that forward position," Hazzard said. "You're looking at athletic talent (Wilson) versus experience. One brings you great, great defense, and the other does a lot of things and is an investment in the future.

"I also want to keep (freshman) Kevin Walker enthused at that position," Hazzard said. "We've got good athletic personnel, but the thing I'm looking at is morale. I don't want to crush anybody. I'm the one who's caught up with making the decision."

So far this season, Hazzard has made several of them. If Wilson does move up today, it will be UCLA's third lineup change in the last seven games. The other change was Dave Immel at guard instead of Montel Hatcher, who was not happy about the idea but has found himself playing more off the bench than as a starter.

Wilson is UCLA's fourth best rebounder, just behind Reggie Miller, although Wilson has about half the playing time that Miller has.

The Bruins, who are 10-4 overall and 5-2 in the Pacific 10, do not play another conference game for 11 days after their meeting with Oregon State (11-2, 4-2).

Hazzard expects the Beavers to use a zone that extends to the perimeter to match up with Reggie Miller and to probably leave the middle open, where UCLA center Jack Haley is not considered an offensive threat.

Oregon State center Jose Ortiz is the Pac-10's biggest scorer at his position along with Chris Welp of Washington.

Hazzard said UCLA has not scouted Oregon State.

"Playing against a crafty old coach like Ralph Miller, we don't need to do much scouting," Hazzard said. "He'll always do about the same. You could buy his (coaching) clinic notes. We know Ortiz is the key to their team and I expect them to try and keep the score low."

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