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San Diego Sportscene / Dave Distel

A Trivial Way to Survive the Super Bowl

January 21, 1987|DAVE DISTEL

OK, class, it is time for this semester's final examination in San Diego-related sports trivia.

I always preferred multiple-choice questions, since I had a better opportunity to guess at things I hadn't studied. I will provide you that same luxury.

Ready? Some of these are quite difficult, so be careful.

The Holiday Bowl was "built" for:

a) Brigham Young University.

b) San Diego State University.

c) Egg nog.

The Padres' new manager is:

a) Snake Stabler.

b) Monty Python.

c) Larry Bowa.

Name a San Diego high school product who won a major league batting championship.

a) Pete Wilson.

b) Roger Hedgecock.

c) Ted Williams.

Name the San Diegan who has gone to the Outback to try to retrieve a lost trinket.

a) Crocodile Conner.

b) Indiana Conner.

c) Dennis Conner.

The America's Cup is named after:

a) Lipton.

b) Folgers.

c) Maidenform.

The new Padre owner will be:

a) Robert Irsay.

b) Al Davis.

c) Donald T. Sterling.

d) None of the above, I hope.

Name three San Diego State athletes who have played or are about to play in a Super Bowl.

a) Jan and Dean.

b) Dean of Students.

c) Vernon Dean.

d) Sampson and Delilah.

e) Ralph Sampson.

f) Clint Sampson.

g) Donnie and Marie.

h) Warren Beatty.

i) Donnie Warren.

Name a San Diego organization that has played in the Super Bowl.

a) The Old Mission Beach Marching Kazoo Band.

b) The San Diego Symphony.

c) The Chargers.

d) None of the above.

Name four Super Bowl head coaches who have coached in San Diego.

a) Bob Uecker.

b) Billy Martin.

c) John Madden.

d) Andy Gibb.

e) Andy Griffith.

f) Joe Gibbs.

g) Chuck E. Cheese.

h) Chuck Yeager.

i) Chuck Noll.

j) Chris Welsh.

k) Bill Welch.

l) Bill Walsh.

Identify the Padres' new center fielder.

a) Future consideration.

b) Future draft pick.

c) Player to be named.

Jack McKeon's nickname is:

a) Fat Jack.

b) Golden Bear.

c) Trader Jack.

How does this Socker player spell his name this week?

a) Juli Veee.

b) Julie Vee.

c) Julee Ve.

Ron Newman is the coach of:

a) A debate society.

b) A carnival act.

c) The Sockers.

d) All of the above.

San Diego State's basketball team has:

a) More wins than fans.

b) More fans than wins.

c) Not many of either.

Denny Stolz decided to stay as San Diego State's football coach because:

a) He is intensely loyal.

b) He was offered more money.

c) Arizona never offered him a job.

If Dennis Conner retrieves the America's Cup, it will be defended in San Diego if the community comes forth with sufficient financial resources. How much is sufficient?

a) Howard Hughes' estate.

b) 6% of the national debt.

c) Kevin McReynolds' first arbitration demands as a New York Met.

If the Cup defense goes elsewhere, the top candidate is:

a) Salton Sea.

b) Lake Cuyamaca.

c) Hugh Hefner's swimming pool.

Gene Klein's book is called:

a) Thank You, Alex.

b) Horses Don't Have Agents.

c) First Down and a Billion.

San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium will be expanded to 70,000 seats for Super Bowl XXII by:

a) Building rooftop gardens on the condominiums across Interstate 15.

b) Building a 60-story building behind the scoreboard.

c) Playing the game on a basketball court at midfield.

Tickets will be available from:

a) Network CEOs.

b) Dial-a-Prayer.

c) Dominic Frontiere's probation officer.

You're probably wondering why such a test. It's a public service, of sorts, to keep folks occupied during commercial breaks Sunday during the Super Bowl. Work on one question during each break. It should keep you busy until halfway through the second quarter.

Then you're on your own.

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