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Marylouise Oates

Galaxy of Stars to Come Out in the Post-Super Bowl Weeks

January 23, 1987|MARYLOUISE OATES

Super Bowl madness proves only a kickoff for weeks of star-stuffed parties and benefits. If the folks from Iowa want a chance to see a real star, these next few weeks are the chance to do it. . . . Question: Whom do you put at a head table when everybody in Hollywood is coming to your dinner? Answer: Nobody. That's why there is no head table for the Tuesday night Tel Aviv Foundation event honoring Goldie Hawn and in memory of her great pal, agent Stan Kamen. Warren Beatty, Walter Matthau, Chevy Chase and a lot of brand-name etceteras will simply be scattered at tables throughout the Century Plaza ballroom. . . . Two real stars showed up Wednesday night at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, when John (Nick) Nicolosi put on his annual NFL Charity Golf Classics dinner. The tournament benefits NFL players who did their time before pensions were established. On hand--Joe DiMaggio and Stan (the Man) Musial. It was like old home week, as those two baseball legends caught up with former NFL players and sports announcers and managed a lot of talk between tacos, burritos, smoked duck, oysters and 50 other specialties.

IN AND OUT--Sen. Bob Dole has told inside supporters that the day he announces his presidential ambitions, his wife will quit her job. That's Elizabeth Dole, secretary of transportation. And indeed it might get a little sticky with her in Cabinet meetings along with that other presidential hopeful, Vice President George Bush. . . . And if you think the Super Bowl parties are all fun, how about the package set up by another GOP hopeful, Rep. Jack Kemp? Kemp, who starred on the gridiron, is showing up here with his own cheering section--who are making substantial donations to his political action committee for a weekend of football, parties, fun and, of course, politics.

IN AND OUT, PART TWO--Still no one lined up to replace editor Harold Hayes at California magazine. Hayes can't be reached for comment because he is in Africa, researching a book. As of Thursday, it appeared that management was undertaking a search, but no names have been floated to replace Hayes. A longtime figure on the New York publishing scene, Hayes was editor of Esquire during the 1960s and early 1970s. . . . Attorney Alan Rothenberg took over this week as president of the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

BENEFIT BASKET--Two top entertainment names--Disney head Michael Eisner and agent Michael Ovitz--turn on the political punch for New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bill Bradley on Feb. 12. In a letter to show-biz heavies, the two Mikes point out some basic rules of entertainment and politics. "We are asked to support many charities, civic organizations and political organizations (candidates). By this time of year our mail is heavy with requests and our pockets are light. As with anything we do in our business or personal lives, it is the people we meet that make something work, and then the organization itself seems to revolve around special people. The machinations of government and politics are no different. It is rare that we are fortunate enough to find someone who is motivated, honest, dedicated and progressive." The tab to meet and support "such a man" is $1,500 per couple or $1,000 per person. It's for Bradley's 1990 reelection campaign.

PLAY IT AGAIN--Carole and Burt Bacharach keep turning up to sing for their friends at benefits. This time, those two musical sweethearts get the kudos themselves. The Starlight Foundation (which grants the wishes of terminally, chronically and critically ill children) honors the twosome Feb. 14 at the Bonaventure Hotel. Emma Samms (Starlight's most faithful supporter) is the celebrity co-chair, and Melissa Manchester is among the entertainers.

MORE KUDOS--Nobody does it better--work against the arms race, that is. So it's natural that Harold Willens will be honored by Business Executives for National Security, Beyond War, the Center for Defense Information, the Center for Economic Conversation, Common Cause, Physicians for Social Responsibility and The New Forum. It's in Palo Alto Thursday, and Paul Warnke, the chief negotiator for the SALT II talks, will make the address.

PARLEZ?--Elin Vanderlip, president of the Friends of French Art, has once again put together a tour and a group of travelers guaranteed to make the hoi polloi just die of envy. The house party in France is set for May 28 through June 5.

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