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Morning Briefing

Beforehand, Drinks Are on Him

January 24, 1987

Denver linebacker Tom Jackson, one of three Broncos who will be making their second appearance in a Super Bowl, was asked by Buddy Martin of the Denver Post what has been his most enjoyable experience so far before Super Bowl XXI.

Jackson: "My most favorite thing was ordering 10 drinks for Lawrence Taylor the other night at The Red Onion."

Harry Carson, the New York linebacker who gives Coach Bill Parcells his weekly Gatorade shower, told Tony Kornheiser of the Washington Post he has two rules: The Giants have to have the ball, and Parcells has to have his headset off.

"We don't want to shock him to death," he said.

Trivia Time: When the San Francisco 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys, 28-27, on Dwight Clark's catch in the 1981 NFC title game, who did the play-by-play for CBS-TV? (Answer below.)

Quiz Time: When the Denver Broncos beat the Raiders, 38-36, in the regular-season opener, one of their touchdowns came on a 23-yard halfback pass by Steve Sewell. Who caught it? (Answer below.)

Add Sewell: He claims the Broncos would have beaten the Giants in their regular-season game if he hadn't been out with injuries.

Of the rematch, he says, "Just me being in there, in all the different formations, all over the field, will confuse them."

For What It's Worth: Denver kicker Rich Karlis went to the University of Cincinnati, the same school that produced Jim O'Brien, the only man to win a Super Bowl with a field goal.

In 1971, O'Brien kicked a 32-yard field goal with five seconds left to give Baltimore a 16-13 win over Dallas.

How-times-have-changed Dept.: From Giants co-owner Wellington Mara, recalling the late 1960s when the losses were piling up under Coach Allie Sherman: "I remember many days when I'd drive my kids to school and their classmates would be standing out in front of school waiting for them, and they would start singing, 'Goodby Allie.'

"You couldn't believe it, even girls in kindergarten."

From New York cornerback Elvis Patterson: "I'm tired of hearing our secondary is the weak link. If we were, people would be scoring more points on us. Sure, we broke down sometimes, but show me a secondary in the NFL that doesn't break down and get balls caught on them."

Note: Patterson's nickname is Toast, but not because he's the toast of the town. It was pinned on him by Coach Bill Parcells after a practice.

"He was always getting burned," explained Parcells.

When CBS named Will McDonough to cover the losing locker room Sunday, they picked a man who doesn't figure to be intimidated.

A few years ago, McDonough, working for the Boston Globe, was confronted by New England defensive back Raymond Clayborn in the dressing room after a game. Clayborn grabbed him and threatened him with bodily harm.

McDonough hauled off and slugged him.

Trivia Answer: Vin Scully.

Quiz Answer: John Elway.


University of Arkansas Athletic Director Frank Broyles, asked if he would still like football Coach Ken Hatfield if the Razorbacks won only half of their games: "Sure I would. I'd miss him, too."

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