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Kfac: Good Riddance

January 25, 1987

The new KFAC management has apparently redefined and narrowed the definition of classical music to include virtually nothing but piano concerti, sonatas and string quartets.

The more commonly accepted definition includes overtures, symphonies, music from ballet, opera and numerous orchestral, instrumental and vocal compositions written by "composers of the highest order." To perform these works requires the full range of orchestral instruments including percussion, woodwinds and brass and strings.

The new format may be pleasing to a music major with an advanced degree, but offers little pleasure to a former listener such as this writer and his friends.

In fact, Webster's Seventh Collegiate Dictionary offers one definition of music as being "punishment for a misdeed." Although a good piano concerto (such as the "Emperor Concerto") can be an uplifting experience, one piano composition after another approaches punishment.

The old staff had excellent musical tastes and abilities. They can best be described as uncommon men for the common man. We miss them and wish them well.

The new staff can best be described as tour guides for a music school or piano and violin testing laboratory.



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