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Liberace Enters Hospital for Treatment of Anemia

January 26, 1987|United Press International

PALM SPRINGS — Entertainer Liberace has been admitted to Eisenhower Memorial Hospital for treatment of anemia, the hospital said Sunday.

"Mr. Liberace has been admitted to Eisenhower Memorial Hospital for evaluation of anemia," the hospital statement said. "His condition is satisfactory."

Associates of the 67-year-old entertainer said Liberace checked into the hospital Friday night for tests.

Seymour Heller, Liberace's personal manager for 36 years, said the entertainer needs rest. "We are going to postpone appearances for six or eight months because he wants a long rest after 43 years on the road," Heller said.

Heller said the entertainer contracted anemia some time ago while on a watermelon diet to lose weight.

"He ate watermelon for a couple of months. We got worried. Doctors told him watermelon did not have enough proteins required by the body and that he would have to stop (the diet), and doctors told him he had a slight case of anemia," said Heller.

"But he had to keep working and he never had enough rest. Now he needs iron tablets, no stress and just to relax," said Heller.

Liberace, who parlayed his musical ability, flashy clothes and oversized jewelry into a multimillion-dollar career, is under contract with Caesars Palace Hotels in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Atlantic City.

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