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ATHLETE OF THE WEEK : Knapp's Intense Transition Game Starts at Tip-Off

January 28, 1987

The metamorphosis occurs when she walks onto the court.

"That," Louisville center Andrea Knapp said, "is when I say to myself, 'It is game time.' "

It is time for Knapp to turn from nice to intense. In her eyes is the look of a hunter.

"When I get on the court, I'm a serious person," said Knapp, a 6-2 senior center. "I'm out there to win and nothing else. Before every game, I talk to myself to be intense. I try to go over with myself: no stupid fouls, keep my hands straight and don't break the plane when I block shots. Try to play tough defense, stay low, arch the ball and bend the knees and flip the wrists."

With all that to concentrate on, it is no wonder Knapp is in her own world on the court.

"My friends always ask me if I hear them say things to me during a game," she said. "I tell them, 'Sorry, I didn't.' "

No need to apologize. Her actions speak loudly enough.

Last week, Knapp scored 30 points and collected 12 rebounds against Notre Dame and had 32 points and 16 rebounds against Alemany in San Fernando Valley League games. Almost routine performances for someone who is averaging more than 25 points and 11 rebounds per game.

Still, Knapp is not completely satisfied.

"I always feel like I can do better," Knapp said. "No one can have a perfect game. I could have had a lot more points in those games. I always say I'm going out to get better."

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