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Robbery Charge Over Sandwich May Be Dropped

January 29, 1987|Associated Press

DADE CITY, Fla. — A convenience store chain Wednesday asked authorities to drop an armed robbery charge against a 78-year-old homeless man accused of stealing a $1.99 sandwich.

James Griffin remained in jail under $5,000 bond as strangers offered to pay for his meals.

Griffin is accused of taking a submarine sandwich from a cooler at a Circle K store Sunday night, telling a clerk "a hungry man is a dangerous man; don't make me pull the trigger" as he patted his jacket pocket, according to acting Capt. Doug Nickels.

Griffin, arrested on the felony charge Monday, denied robbing the store or having a weapon. He said the clerk told him he could have the sandwich. "She told me not to tell nobody because she'd lose her job," he said.

Receives Publicity

After the arrest was publicized, C. B. Browne, district manager for Circle K stores, said that his chain had decided not to pursue the matter.

A Circle K representative contacted police Wednesday to begin a process to drop the charge, Nickels said. The firm was referred to the state attorney's office where a formal request must be filed in writing.

After that, it is up to prosecutors to decide whether to dismiss the charges. State attorney Phil Van Allen was not available for comment Wednesday.

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