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January 30, 1987| Compiled by the Fashion87 staff

A Cold Front

A decisive Faye Dunaway appeared at the Loewe boutique on Rodeo Drive last week, and in a matter of 10 minutes had parted with $2,000. The object? A banana suede coat lined with white shearling, Size 8. The actress came in wearing tailored beige slacks and jacket, and explained that she would need the new coat to wear while on a movie set in some distant colder clime, Lisa Carmel of the boutique told Listen.

Hooked on Dressing

"Sledge Hammer!" star David Rasche has a reputation to live up to, as the worst-dressed leading man in television. It turns out his chic sidekick, co-star Anne-Marie Martin (Dori Dereau), is about to challenge his title. In a show to be aired Feb. 7, Martin gets knocked out, and when she wakes up, she's hooked on dressing just like Sledge. She sheds her usual Donna Karan bodysuits and sarong skirts and her Gianni Versace jackets for a gaudy black-and-green checked blazer, clashing yellow paisley necktie, blue-and-white striped man-tailored shirt and purple miniskirt, says Susie DeSantos, the show's costumer. There's just one thing about the outfit that the Sledge might change. He doesn't wear miniskirts.

Keaton From Head to Toe

If you happened to be in the Taboo hair salon on Melrose Avenue last week, you might have seen Diane Keaton having highlights woven into her hair. The shop's Sally Sowter tells Listen that Keaton looked "great, great, great. She wears layers and layers of clothes. Last week it was a long black shirt with a longish black skirt and cute little round glasses," Sowter says. "And she wears quite hefty shoes." Listen thought you'd like to know.

Art Nailed Down

Janet Jackson pulled up in a four-door Mercedes for a recent visit to Sable on Sunset Boulevard. Sporting a black leather jacket, matching slacks, high-heeled boots and hot-orange lipstick, the singer/dancer/siren stopped in for some "artwork done on her nails," owner Lisa Sable told Listen. For the uninitiated, that means rhinestones and some small-scale Japanese drawings. She also headed for the accessory counter and chose some dangling earrings, one-of-a-kind leather belts and a bugle-beaded headband. The visit by Jackson, who claimed two American Music Awards this week, was followed by the star who emceed that Monday night event. Diana Ross dropped in to discuss a design sketch for a new evening gown.

A French Invasion

Oscar de la Renta, Thea Porter and Lord knows what other fashion, film and family types can now buy their favorite Guerlain scents (Vetiver for De la Renta, Tabac for Porter) in Los Angeles at the newest Guerlain boutique. It's housed under the Deco dome at Bullocks Wilshire's L.A. store. Grand opening is Monday, and the shelves will be stocked with a range of soaps, skin-care products and cosmetics, as well as the perfumes and colognes for which the French fragrance house is famous. Could it be a coincidence that opening day is so close to Valentine's Day?

Doubly Revealing

Not that Bernadette Peters is dressing like Cher these days, but she's been buying outfits by the same designer, Romeo Gigli, a newcomer who tickled fashion forecasters with his first show last fall in Milan. Peters and Cher stopped in at the new Gallay boutique and left with an armload of Gigli designs. But while Peters chose several sets of tight, fitted, man-tailored trousers and cardigans, Cher went for "the outrageous stuff," store manager Caroldean Ross says. Tops on the list was a skintight black silk dress with a turtleneck. Ross says "Dallas" star Linda Gray also picked up on the Gigli style. She bought tight trousers in six colors, including the shade with her name on it.

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