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Achievements of the Reagan Administration

January 31, 1987

For Edward F. Senesi (Letters, Jan. 14), who rejoices in the "healthy respect for ourselves and our country that President Reagan has brought to our nation," I submit a random and abridged list for him to arrange in the order in which they have most rekindled his pride:

--Hundreds of thousands of homeless.

--One family in five below the poverty level.

--The least concern for the very young and the very old in the Western world.

--Corporate takeovers so that a few can make big bucks and thousands are out of work (real work, not part-time, frying hamburgers at $3.35 an hour).

--Invading and conquering an island half the size of Catalina.

--Thumbing our nose at the United Nations.

--Making the World Court angry at us for mining the harbor of a nation with which we were not at war.

--260 Marines slaughtered in a quixotic foreign policy gesture.


--Limiting methods to check communism in the Americas to one: providing bandits with funds to maim and kill Nicaraguan children.

--Substituting a private foreign policy for the old-fashioned one set forth in the U.S. Constitution.

--Professing one policy to our friends and allies while we execute its exact opposite.

--Supplying arms, and comfort, to the nation that hates us the most and has vowed to destroy us.

--Giving the world the fun of deciding whether the government of the United States is being run by knaves or fools, or both.



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