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Redondo Beach : Horrell Heads Renewal Unit

February 05, 1987

The City Council has elected council member Kay Horrell as chairman of the city's Redevelopment Agency.

Although Mayor Barbara J. Doerr said she believes the mayor should head the agency, she nominated Horrell to the position.

"I know when I'm losing and you kind of pick and choose your issues, and I don't think that was one worth pursuing," Doerr said.

The council sits as both the Redevelopment Agency and Parking Authority, and those meetings are usually incorporated into City Council meetings.

Doerr, who presides over council and Parking Authority meetings, said the same person should preside over the three organizations to keep a smooth flow of the overall meeting. Doerr headed the redevelopment agency from 1981 to 1985, as mayors traditionally had done before her.

Doerr, however, is often at odds with the council, and in December, 1985, council members chose Councilman Archie Snow for the post.

Doerr said she wanted to be sure that the position is rotated if a council member holds the job, and noted that Horrell previously served as vice chairman.

Councilman John Chapman was elected vice chairman.

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