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February 06, 1987| Compiled by the Fashion87 staff

Naked Truth About Film

If you've seen previews for "Surrender," a movie due out later this year, you may think Michael Caine doesn't wear any clothes for his role. In the preview, he's nude and rope-tied to a stranger, played by Sally Field. But Caine does wear clothes through most of the film, and they are designed by Nino Cerruti. Listen hears from Mary Hall Ross of Cerruti that Caine will be outfitted in unstructured jackets and loose-cut trousers as well as a jogging suit that sports a designer logo on the jacket. By the time the film is released, Cerruti may be holding this year's Cutty Sark Award for his menswear, including the outfits Caine will wear. (He won it once before, in 1982.) Cerruti just received a telegram informing him he's been nominated again, along with Claude Montana and Giorgio Armani, Ross reports.

'Make Your Day'

Clint Eastwood's name shows up in the darndest places. We found it recently, for example, in the pages of a prospectus for the Fabric Carr Couture Sewing Camp. We don't know if Eastwood is nimble with a thimble (we suspect not), but his Mission Ranch is where the camp takes place for two weeks during the summer. Adults who want to perfect their dressmaking skills can opt for sessions like "The Perfect Skirt," "Sleeves," "Working on the Bias" or "Copying Ready-To-Wear." Staying and stitching in Eastwood country, however, isn't available at bargain-basement prices. Cost of the courses, organized by Roberta Carr, owner of a sewing school and a fabric store in Los Altos, runs a minimum $995. More details available from Fabric Carr, 170 State St., Los Altos, Calif. 94022.

Paper Pasties at the Beach

They're not in Los Angeles yet, but like the killer bees, they're probably coming. That's the word from Rio de Janeiro, where a new kind of teeny bikini top has unstrung even the most jaded beach-goers. The new style is a strapless, stringless pair of 5-inch-by-5-inch stick-ons, made of feather-light, fibrous paper that feels like cloth. Each pair is cleverly colored and shaped to resemble any of a variety of enticing items, from hibiscus blossoms to starfish and fruit. "You feel like you're going topless, but the people on the beach respect you a lot more this way," 24-year-old designer Stela Bomfim says. Her C-Lig firm has sold more than 200,000 of the items since September, and now exports to Europe and Argentina. The '80s-style pasties stay on up to 48 hours, and some Brazilian women wear them out at night with slacks or skirts. Is Malibu ready for this?

Winner's Circle

When the movie "Platoon," an Arnold Kopelson production, was named best picture at the Golden Globe Awards presentation, the TV camera panned to Kopelson's wife. That's when L.A. designer Ronald Mann first saw her wearing a dress from his winter collection. "It was quite well displayed, because she stood up and turned around while the camera was on her," Mann tells Listen. He says the Kopelsons shopped together for the beaded, emerald-green velvet dress at Neiman-Marcus, and a salesperson from the store phoned him later to let him know. He also says another of Mann's outfits, a fuchsia and black evening suit with a beaded jacket, made an appearance on the same show. Award presenter Carl Weathers (prizefighter Apollo Creed in the "Rocky" films) escorted Elaine Thompson, who wore the two-tone suit.

Pipart Goes for the Gold

Gerard Pipart, designer for Nina Ricci, has won the coveted Golden Thimble award for the spring-summer couture collection he showed in Paris last week. Saint Laurent, whose collection was widely acknowledged as one of the best, has never won a Golden Thimble because, many say, he refuses to attend the awards ceremony. The Golden Thimble is funded by Helena Rubinstein cosmetics.

Store Wear to the Stars

"Today was such an amazing day," Caroldean Ross told Listen on Wednesday. The manager of the new Gallay shop on Sunset Boulevard said Ali MacGraw was in to buy Romeo Gigli's cashmere sweater and chiffon skirt; a "very pregnant" Priscilla Presley popped by for "all kinds of tight stuff to wear as soon as she has her baby," and Boz Skaggs shopped for Italian menswear. Also in the store this week, Ross said, were Bette Midler, Suzanne Somers and Carol Alt. Who needs a map of the stars' homes, when you can see most of them by just going shopping?

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