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Biting The Hand

February 08, 1987|David Pecchia

Last weekend "Siskel & Ebert & the Movies" gave two thumbs down to "Outrageous Fortune," the latest pic from the company that butters their bread--Disney. If you're wondering if Siskbert's been equally tough on other Disney product since Disney Television acquired the show last September--lest they be accused of any conflict of interest--here's the score card:

"Color of Money": a double thumbs down.

"Lady and the Tramp": a double thumbs up.

"Tough Guys": thumb up from Siskel, down from Ebert.

"We both gave 'Color of Money' a thumbs down, but that proves nothing," Siskel told us. "We look at the films for what they are."

Siskel pointed out that as conglomerates gobble up entertainment companies, there will be other critics in similar situations: "David Denby reviews films for New York magazine, which is Rupert Murdoch's--and he owns 20th Century Fox. It's not just us."

Ebert added: "This issue just hasn't come up. There is never any outside interference at all."

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