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Dinks--Double Income, No Kids--Is Baby-Boomers' Newest Moniker

February 08, 1987|NIKKI FINKE | Times Staff Writer

More often than not, dink wives use their maiden names at work--a fact that helps to confuse nearly everyone except their closest family members and friends. Dinks take numerous vacations, often to exotic locales, and seem equally at home schussing down ski slopes or acquiring a Caribbean tan. One dink spouse usually does all the cooking, and frequently it's the husband.

Go for the 'Best'

Dinks can afford to rent in the "best" neighborhoods or buy a house within the first two years of marriage, usually a design by a well-known local architect. Dinks make exercise and community service a regular part of their weekly routines, alternating fund-raising events with bouts on the rowing machine.

In addition, dinks can afford to indulge in cultural chic. From a marketing standpoint, dinks are "entertainment crazy," in the words of Faith Popcorn, whether it's going out for dinner several times a week or just watching their VCR.

"These are people who'll watch two to three movies in a night--at least until the kids come, when they'll be more amused by something more real," Popcorn said.

But most time-consuming of all, dinks spend half their waking hours comparing and coordinating their overstuffed work schedules in order to make time for their marriage.

No wonder it's joked that they can't have sex without making an appointment ahead of time.

"Sex? What's that?" a dink wife (who asked not to be identified) said with a sad laugh. "But it's not that bad. After all, we both have very interesting jobs."

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