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Discount Bus Fares

February 15, 1987|JACK ADLER

Greyhound is resuming its 50% discount on its $119 maximum one-way fare, which means you can travel anywhere one way on its system for $59.

The big difference in the program this year is that you can begin travel any day of the week. Last year you had to start your trip Monday through Thursday. However, you still need to buy the tickets 30 days in advance.

Tickets at these discount fares have to be purchased by April 30. The discount tickets are good for 30 days and permit unlimited stopovers.

Greyhound also has a pair of new regional discount offers, each based on 14-day advance purchases and offering breaks off regular fares. For example, you can buy a Los Angeles-San Francisco discount fare of $25 one way and $45 round trip; and a Los Angeles-Las Vegas discount rate of $19.95 one way and $34.95 round trip.

Contact your nearest Greyhound terminal for more information.

Garuda Indonesia, which now flies from Los Angeles to Indonesia, is continuing its Visit Indonesia Air Pass program.

There is a choice of five cities to be visited in 20 days for $300, 10 cities within 40 days for $400 and 33 cities in 60 days for $500. Jakarta, the capital, is included in all three categories. These rates have not been raised from the 1986 levels, but the amount of time you have to use the passes has been upped for the first two categories.

The passes have to be bought in the United States from travel agents or from Garuda (213) 387-3323.

While you have to fly into or out of Indonesia aboard Garuda to qualify for the passes, your flight doesn't necessarily have to be out of LAX. For example, you could catch a Garuda flight to Jakarta from another part of the Far East such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, etc.

However, you have to arrange your route using the passes within Indonesia before departure from the United States. While the dates of your travel can be open or changed at no charge, the route has to stay the same.

Out of LAX your passes can start at Jakarta on Java or Denpasar on Bali. Medan on Sumatra is another entry point if you're flying in on a Garuda flight from Singapore.

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