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Bachelors Putting Their Best Feet Forward for Ball

February 19, 1987|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

That "dancing until 4" crowd--the Bachelors--are revved up for their 82nd ball Friday evening. But wasn't it once until 5 a.m.? The young men about town are being very secretive about decorations. However, with co-chairmen Andrew E. Woodward and Grant Waring Ivey organizing every detail, under the aegis of president Rod Wilger, the party's in good hands.

As always, the affair will be fancy dress. The Bachelors, who originally launched the gala as a way to reciprocate for friends' hospitality through the year, will stage the soiree at the Beverly Hilton. They've booked Joe Moshay's Orchestra.

Some will be attending their first ball as new members: Hugh Durst Bateman, Thomas William Baxter, David Cormack Brittain, Hugh Hinton Evans III, Samuel Horatio Halle, Briant Davidson Howes, Mark Reilly Kelsey and Christian Edward Markey III.

The smashing gold/ecru engraved invitations also salute this year's patronesses: Mrs. Waldo Allard Avery, Mrs. John Talmadge Dillon, Mrs. Joseph John Keon Jr., Mrs. J. Thomas McCarthy and Mrs. Eugene Prindle.

A REAL KICK: Over lunch at Jimmy's in Beverly Hills, we heard all about the Footlighters' Cabaret Ball and their "just for fun" party the other evening at Cache restaurant and nightclub. President Mrs. William Edwards, ball chairman Mrs. Alva Lane Herd and organizer Mrs. Richard M. DuMont told all. The Footlighters, a group of 50, take the dancing approach to raising money. They're loosening up for the big cabaret March 28 in the Conrad International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton.

It's to be a "Steppin' Out" revue of glamorous cities, closing with a toe-tapping, knee-slapping Hooray for Hollywood.

Peg Edwards, a dedicated Footlighter for more than a decade, is a former professional New York singer, and she'll star. Rena Old will sing and dance in "A Foggy Day." Co-chairman Carole Emmett will have the spotlight with "The Lambeth Walk."

Footlighters expect to raise more than $100,000 for the UCLA Craniofacial Clinic and the USC Children's Cancer Study Group.

Heavily involved are Anne Leavitt, Cheryl Shiner, Susie Gordinier, Barbara Garrett, Francesca Bowyer, Lou Ann Zellers, Carleen Kemmerling, Treva Abrams, Noreen Mills, Tanna Havlick, Terry Rothbard, Suzanne Dillard (also a co-chairman), Charlene Chase, Mary Jo Blue, Gretchen Smith, Kirsten Hall, Joyce Ward.

JUMPING JUBILEE: If Christina Diver of San Marino is correct, the Tootsie Roll's 90 years old, the New York Mets are 25, Flipper is 30 and Polytechnic School in Pasadena is about to be 80.

That calls for celebration. Thus, Barbara Poer and Spike Booth, will co-chair Jubilee '80 on March 27 in the Poly gymnasium. Decorations chairman Cheri Wegg will indulge in fantasy. Valet parking will be located "by the elephant," as a hint of what to expect.

Marcia Cannell has invited Rococo to cater. Auction chairman Nancy DeNero is organizing spectacular items.

Surely, one of the best parts, Michael Carney, New York City bandleader, will have nine pieces playing non-stop with Colleen Casey to entertain. Carney, you know, played for President Reagan's 75th birthday party at the White House.

Tink Cheney is raffle chairman, hoping to raise plenty for Poly's first benefit for its endowment fund. Gwen and Guil Babcock and Robin and Peter Barker are patron chairmen. More involved: Ann Giesler, Debbe Booth, Dawn Bazler and Nancy Esbenshade, Judy Morse, Cathy Gamble and Judy McDonald, Poly's director of development.

SIMPLY FABULOUS: The House of Harry Winston, notes Claude Saujet, president, has always maintained a discreet policy about its clients. Obviously, for security.

But the royal romance of Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee who married Edward, Duke of Windsor in 1937, has always attracted international fascination. Now, the jewelry from her estate, valued at $7 million, will be auctioned by Sotheby's on April 2 in Geneva, after the exhibition in New York between March 18-22. And Winston is disclosing some details about the magnificent jewels he sold to the duchess.

Are you ready? Earclips--92.95 carats divided into two pear-shaped canary diamonds. (She is supposed to have written to Winston, "I can't think of anything I'd rather have than these two diamonds.") The 31-carat Golconda diamond known as "The McLean," a 49-carat pear-shaped emerald and diamond pendant once owned by the king of Spain, cabochon sapphire and diamond earclips, a mere 75 carats. Much more. But noticeably missing is the 49-carat canary diamond ring, which had been acquired from Winston and is presumed to have been sold by the duchess.

GALA OPENING: Jimmy and Anne Murphy of Jimmy's Restaurant in Beverly Hills are collaborating with Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Keating Jr. to fly friends to Phoenix, then, provide limousines and luxurious accommodations for the grand opening celebration of the deluxe five-star Crescent Hotel on April 3-4.

Lester Lanin's Orchestra is booked to perform for the black-tie evening. The Keatings will host a private cocktail-dinner party at the hotel.

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