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Haute Future

February 19, 1987

Ever on the lookout for new services to offer clients, Judy Packer, owner of a Woodland Hills beauty salon called Jus' Judy, has added a psychic.

The service started as a Halloween promotion, but was so successful that Packer has had the psychic, named Rosa, back on three more occasions.

"I thought it would be nice to offer this to my customers, and it just took off from there," she said. "She has been reading me for 13 years. She has always been very accurate, even about the success of this business."

Rosa said she began psychic readings at age 12 in South America.

"I have a gift, but in other cultures it is not so unusual," she said. "For a long time, it was considered part of the occult. Now it is more open and acceptable."

She said she does not do this as a job or a business, but as a hobby.

"I have a regular life. I have a job and a family and I wouldn't want to advertise. Readings are very special and take a lot of concentration."

Packer said that, when her customers know Rosa is coming, she gets booked up two days in advance.

Jus' Judy patron Karen Golob was impressed with Rosa's accuracy. It sent "chills up my spine," she said. "Nobody would know the things she told me. It was great. I had my nails done and a psychic reading as I waited for them to dry."

Packer said teen-agers usually ask about their social life, whereas adults are more concerned with finances and family life.

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