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Black Youths Hurl Rocks, Bottles in Second Night of Tampa Violence

February 21, 1987|United Press International

TAMPA, Fla. — Bands of black youths threw rocks and bottles Friday in a second night of violence around a predominantly black housing project where 200 youths went on a rampage Thursday night.

A television photographer, Duane Martin of WTVT, said he was knocked down and kicked in the head by blacks while covering the violence Friday night, but was not hospitalized.

Reporters said at least 14 people had been arrested--most of them juveniles--on charges ranging from battery to destroying property. There were no reports of fires being set like those that broke out Thursday night. Police said the situation was under control.

Four or Five Gangs

Martin reported four or five groups of young blacks numbering 25 to 30 each were roaming the troubled area throwing rocks and bottles. He said one group turned on him while he was filming them.

The Thursday night disturbance around the Ponce de Leon housing project was triggered by the death of a young black man while in police custody.

At least seven people were injured--none seriously--in the Thursday night incident. Several motorists had their windshields shattered and arson fires burned a grocery, a car and a trash dumpster.

No arrests were made during the Thursday night disturbance, but one adult and three youths were found inside the burned grocery Friday morning and were charged with burglary and looting.

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