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Ramifications of KickDog Toy

February 22, 1987

I am writing to Mike Murphy and Mike Greene (KickDog toy Feb. 12) on behalf of my dog French Fry. Misters Murphy and Greene, French Fry would like you to know that children do imitate what their parents do regardless of your "written instructions not to kick the real thing in order to relieve stress."

When children see their mothers and fathers giving a bottle to their baby sister or brother, they do the same to their baby dolls. The point is that imitation works in both positive and negative ways, as is evident by our drug and alcohol problems and programs.

French Fry would also like to know where both of you have been for the last several years that you are uninformed that it is not kicking and abusing that reduces stress and use of Valium. It has been proven in every study conducted that it is "hugging, stroking and loving" that not only reduces stress but also reduces blood pressure.

They do not bring animals to the senior citizens and convalescent homes to be "kicked and abused." The animals are taken there for the "welfare" of both the animal and the human being. This welfare is achieved through "touch" not "kick."

Your stuffed animal "toy" is giving permission to human beings to take their problems and frustrations out on animals less able to defend themselves, than the two-legged ones.

The next time I go out to buy a "toy" for French Fry to kick around I will look for the "Mister Murphy and Mister Greene balls to kick toy". It will not only relieve his stress but it will do wonders for mine.


Laguna Niguel

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