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Don't Judge Hotel by Its Windows

February 22, 1987

The Los Angeles Times published an article titled "Report Says Area Growth Still Tops Demand" in the Southeast Section on Feb. 12. The article was written by Times Community Correspondent Sue Corrales. The article was well written and, in total, appeared to be accurate.

But an accompanying photo was captioned "Unlighted windows at the Whittier Hilton reflect lackluster occupancy rates at many hotels." The photo and caption leave the reader with the impression that the Whittier Hilton has experienced lackluster performance and has not been successful.

On the contrary, this hotel has shown strong growth in each quarter since opening less than a year ago. Both occupancies and average rates have exhibited consistently positive trends. Food and beverage revenues, which have been strong since the hotel's opening, continue strong.

The Whittier Hilton provides employment for nearly 200 people. Most of these individuals reside in the Greater Whittier area. The ripple effect that the hotel's payroll produces for the local economy is significant. In addition, the hotel is able to serve as a training ground for the development of individuals who are engaged in developmental programs under both private and public auspices.

We do not mean to suggest that the Southeast area is in need of more hotel rooms. On the contrary, Ms. Corrales is correct. The supply of available hotel accommodations exceeds the demand, and by a wide margin in some areas. Each project and all potential projects must be judged on (their) individual merit. The tax reform act of 1986 requires projects to be more financially feasible than ever before.


general manager of Whittier Hilton


chief executive officer

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