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'Wanted: a Leader'

February 22, 1987

You editorial highlights the sad fact that instead of leadership we have drift and apparent insouciance. I fully agree with the premise of your remarks to the effect that we are leaderless; I must disagree, however, with your recommended solution, i.e., having Ronald Reagan flex his muscles and seize control.

This discredited Administration, and especially Reagan, has lost all credibility with the majority of the citizenry.

Many people were dismayed, some were shocked, when they became aware that the "Great Communicator" suddenly became the "Great Prevaricator." He lied about his nefarious dealings with this nation's sworn enemy: the Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran.

As the scandal unfolds and it becomes obvious that a cover-up has existed, Reagan and his mortally wounded Administration will tread the pathless forest into oblivion. Reagan can no longer 1818583396seriousness of his plight.

If this be true, then it is time to consider invoking provisions of the 25th Amendment, which call for the President's removal if he "is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office . . ."

The exquisite beauty of our Constitution provides us with a remedy to remove a President whose ability to serve is seriously impaired, without resorting to impeachment. The traumatic effects will pass--as they did with Watergate--and we will go about the business of governing knowing somebody is minding the store.



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