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The Mature Traveler

Great Britain at a Leisurely Pace

February 22, 1987|HANK KOVELL | Kovell is a veteran journalist in seniors' interests.

It appears that one of this year's most popular destinations for the mature traveler is Great Britain. Tour operators are offering a record number of attractive package deals designed for senior travelers, although there is also a trend toward more independent travel.

Many mature travelers are exploring the villages of England, Wales and Scotland via luxury coach on a 22-day leisurely trip that permits time for afternoon tea, and quiet walks to discover the history and charm of towns and villages.

You will live in first-class hotels for a minimum of three days at a time, with full English breakfast and three-course dinner daily. Cost for the 22-day trip including round-trip air fare from Los Angeles is $2,940. A 15-day tour is also available to cities and villages in England.

Tours of Britain offers another package that is so popular with mature travelers that three dates this year have been set aside exclusively for seniors. "Luxury Walking" is for the traveler who is not interested in roughing it. Handsome country hotels are included, many with golf courses, heated pools and Jacuzzis.

On this tour you stay in the same hotel for four days at a time. Groups are limited to 14 people. As you begin each of several walks you are accompanied by a guide, while a shuttle vehicle precedes you, carrying personal effects. Rest stops are frequent.

What You'll See

Walks take you across fields, through woods, meadows and streams, over rolling hills, along coastal cliffs or wind-swept beaches. Stops are made for lunch at a pub, or at a tea shop for refreshments.

Sites visited are the Cotswold Hills for four days and Exmoor for four days, with the remaining four days spent in London. Cost of the 14-day tour, including round-trip air fare, is $2,590 per person.

Details on the two village tours and the luxury walking tour are outlined in a brochure. Information: Tours of Britain, 5757 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 124, Los Angeles 90036.

The British Tourist Authority rates among the best of the international tourist offices who spread the good word about their home country. The authority's new brochure, "Britain Speaks Your Language," is 45 pages on visiting England, including a page on bargains for senior citizens.

Handsome Photos

The booklet, loaded with handsome color photos, has sections devoted to Scotland, Ireland and Wales, journeys out of London, historic homes and castles, British gardens and other specialized itineraries. Special-interest itineraries are included for as long as seven days of adventuring about the countryside.

Information is given on camping, car rentals, rail travel, hotels, addresses and some cleverly illustrated, easy-to-read maps. A section on where to order other books, maps and guides on travel, study and life in Great Britain is also included.

For a copy of "Britain Speaks Your Language," write to British Tourist Authority, Dept. MT, 350 S. Figueroa St., Suite 450, Los Angeles 90071.

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