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Abc's 'Amerika': Who Was Snookered?

February 25, 1987|HOWARD ROSENBERG

We get letters . . .

Face it. You and your fellow journalists were snookered by "Amerika's" publicists. They set you up by getting the opposition to protest the show and you all fell for it. Credit them with a brilliant publicity coup.

As for Kris Kristofferson, who has all the charisma of a moth, he merely exercised his prerogative as a capitalist and took his large salary first and then complained about the show.


Los Angeles

Oh, yes, Howard, you've stated ABC had the right to show this film. You keep saying it and you keep saying it, trying to convince yourself and your readers that you really mean it.


Los Angeles

The fantasy of "the Russians are here" is a dangerous concept to project, especially to our youth. I lost a son in World War II, many students in Korea and Vietnam. Next, Nicaragua?


West Hollywood

I was asked by a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old if the Russians could take over their country as in "Amerika." I had to explain that we had X-number of submarines with atomic missiles cruising the Russian border and B52s in the air 24 hours a day loaded with missiles, not even including the missiles that are in Europe and the U.S. The kids were very happy to know that the world would be totally gone before their country could be taken.



You played a great part in convincing the American people that "Amerika" was really not worth watching. Thank God! They took your word and hung in to the Miss USA contest, which certainly was provocative, fast-moving and important non-fiction. And it won its time slot. Boy, can I breathe easier knowing that the American people really know where the old priorities are. Keep up the good work.


North Hollywood

A bloodless takeover? Where were all the right-wing zealots and their Strategic Defense Initiative? Couldn't they save us from the Russian menace?


Thousand Oaks

You commend KABC-TV's Dr. Art Ulene for his repeated broadcasts--all sensationally alarming the public against the use of condoms on the grounds that they involve 10% risk factor--then you go on to chide the networks and local stations for not running public-service announcements promoting the use of condoms.

Exactly where do you stand? Shall the confused youngsters who watched Dr. Ulene's repeatedly grave warnings heed his advice and steer clear of the dreaded, over-rated condom, or shall they heed the advice of the public service ads you advocate and take the big risk of using the condom?

Both you and Dr. Ulene may well have contributed to the dismissal of condoms as a protective device by some poor, confused kid who mistook Dr. Ulene's advice for intelligent.

WILLIAM BAST, producer,

"The Colbys"

Given the present growing concern over AIDS, not so much as a moral/ethical issue, but as a plain health issue, the attitude of the major networks and most local station owners toward condom advertising is, as you said, "a sham."


Manhattan Beach

I too sat through that "Moonlighting" episode and the ad with the vibrator in it and was totally disgusted with the double standard, mind you, not with the ad itself.

DAVID P. WARREN, member,

board of directors,

San Diego AIDS Project

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