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Canoga Park, West Hills and Westhills

February 26, 1987

What's in a name? A rose is a rose . . .

Canoga Park is a fine, established community in the West Valley, with a history, traditions, a well-known "antique row" along Sherman Way, and homes which range from modest areas where young families are finding older houses they can afford to buy, to newer, elegant developments.

As the developed area of Canoga Park has expanded, with new housing built into the hills in the west, some residents felt that they wanted a new identity for their community. They circulated a petition asking that signs be erected by the City to designate their area at the west end of Canoga Park as West Hills. I was happy to respond to the desire of the overwhelming majority of that community.

Then people who live across the street, or a block or two from the boundaries of the new "West Hills" area began calling my office to ask whether they could write either "Canoga Park" or "West Hills" as their address and, as long as the Zip Code is correct, their mail would be delivered.

What's in a name? The people of West Hills and Canoga Park want to work together in a positive way to maintain and improve the quality of life in the West Valley.


Los Angeles

Picus is Los Angeles city councilwoman for the Third District.

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