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Long Beach : Firm Banned From Airport

February 26, 1987

The City Council on Tuesday declared Airway Express a "public nuisance" and voted to expell the air cargo company from Long Beach Airport after officials said the firm violated the city's noise ordinance six times since January, 1986.

The unanimous decision was made after Airway Express officials did not pay $1,000 in fines or show up for a public hearing scheduled Tuesday to discuss the violations.

Councilman Ray Grabinski said the noise violations had occurred at night, disrupting residents' sleep.

"I think the City of Long Beach has gone as far as it can with this firm and I don't think the neighborhood should have to put up with it anymore," Grabinski said.

Gale Webb, president of Airway Express, which is based in Mesa, Ariz., said he could not attend Tuesday's meeting because of inclement weather in Arizona.

In a telephone interview, Webb took issue with the city's noise monitoring system and the designation of his firm as a public nuisance.

"That public nuisance designation makes me want to take a bath, I feel dirty," he said.

Webb contended that the city's noise monitoring equipment is "highly inaccurate," but added that he has not decided whether to appeal the city's action in court. The firm, which has one plane that flies out of the Long Beach Airport, has been an airport tenant for 11 years, Webb said.

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