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Beverly Hills Smoking Law

February 28, 1987

Hurrah for the Beverly Hills City Council in recognizing a health hazard when it sees one. We shall truly be blessed in being able to eat without cigar smoke running up our noses--plus the other "peculiar" smelling things people smoke in public places.

May I now suggest the Beverly Hill City Council take on the next worst cause of pollution in restaurants and put the lid on the crying babies, squealing children, and their ability to render any restaurant meal devoid of the ability to hear one's table companions.

I've complained to those parents. The response is typical of the "Me" Generation: "Well, the baby has to eat, too."

Well, my baby had to eat, but she didn't do it at Chasen's--or anywhere else until she could stifle herself and not annoy the rest of the house.

Then perhaps we can get the Los Angeles City Council to get the babies out of the Westwood movie houses. How wonderful it would be to go big-screen films again instead of waiting to see them on cable because that's the only way we can hear them.

Yeah, I know. The babies have to see movies, too.


Santa Monica

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