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Tips to Homeowners

March 01, 1987|Armand L. Fontaine | Fontaine is president of the Western Regional Master Builders Assn. and a director of the American Building Contractors Assn

Question: There seems to be condensation on my skylight. How can I eliminate it?

Answer: First make sure that it is not a leak. A leak usually is indicated bya dark ring around the edge of white spots, caused by the mixture of water with the roofing material.

If it is condensation, a room humidifier would help remove the excess moisture from the air. Should the skylight be constructed over a bathroom or kitchen, the installation of additional vents would be helpful.

Q: Do you feel that interest rates will get lower this year? I hear that the banks are thinking of reducing the interest rates.

A: Most economists seem to believe that there may be a slight decrease in the interest rates, particularly in consumer loans and in interest paid on certificates of deposit during the first part of the year. However, there seems to be a strong signal in most economic indicators that the interest rates will begin inching upward. But the National Assn. of Realtors says "long-term mortgage interest rates are expected to trend downward to about 9% by the fourth quarter and further declines are expected for 1988."

Q: I am interested in having some stained-glass windows installed in my home. Can you suggest a firm that specializes in that?

A: The Stained Glass Overlay has a process that can turn existing windows into works of art or they can work on the window panes in their shop prior to installation. Each pane is leaded on both sides for a completed stained-glass look. In addition, they make decorative luminous ceiling panels and skylight panels.

The firm is located at 3459 Verdugo Road, Glendale, 91202.

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