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2nd Set of 5 in Peoria : Girl Quintuplets Born in Vegas; 1 Dies

March 03, 1987|From Associated Press

Hours after a Las Vegas woman gave birth to five girl quintuplets 11 weeks prematurely, one of the infants died this morning while her four tiny sisters remained in stable condition, hospital officials said.

The spontaneous birth of all-girl quintuplets occurs at a rate of once in every 70 million births, doctors said.

The birth of quintuplets to Robin Jenkins, 30, occurred without the use of fertility drugs, doctors said. Her husband, Wayne, 28, is a car salesman.

Meanwhile, a set of four girls and a boy were born to a woman in Peoria, Ill., a hospital spokeswoman said.

All five suffered from underdeveloped lungs and were in critical condition in the hospital's neonatal intensive-care unit, she said.

All five girls were reported in stable condition after their delivery by Caesarean section Monday night in Las Vegas, according to Ann Lynch, a spokeswoman at Humana Hospital Sunrise.

One of the babies is breathing on her own and three others are on respirators, Lynch said today.

"The parents are terribly distraught over the one baby," Lynch said. "They were elated, but now it's changed to concern."

In Peoria, Rosalind Helms, 27, was reported in good condition after her quints were delivered by Caesarean section Monday night.

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