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Fall In, All You Fans of Military Covers

March 05, 1987|BARRY KRAUSE

Question: I am interested in collecting military envelopes from World War II, including Naval covers and censored items. Is there a special organization for this topic?--T.N.

Answer: The War Cover Club was established in 1937 for the purpose of organizing collectors who were interested in mail associated with historic wars. The club publishes a quarterly bulletin, runs a mail-bid auction and offers a "Trading Post" in which members can trade their covers. More than 700 members specialize in many aspects of military postal history. Dues are $5 per year.

For more information and a membership application, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Chris Kulpinski, P.O. Box 464, Feasterville, Pa. 19047.

Q: I've heard that the Smithsonian published a book about the early days of stamps. Is this still in print and where can I obtain a copy?--G.F.

A: "American Issue: The U.S. Postage Stamp, 1842-1869" is a 232-page book with more than 100 black-and-white illustrations. Both the postal historian and serious stamp collector will find useful information here. The cost is $21.95 plus $1.75 postage and handling. Address your order to: Smithsonian Institution Press, Customer Service, P.O. Box 4866, Hampden Station, Baltimore, Md. 21211. Allow six weeks for delivery.

Q: Recently you indicated that U.S. plate blocks of the last 35 years are worth only face value except for certain issues. Can you be more specific on "certain issues"?--K.S.

A: Since World War II, some U.S. stamps that catalogue significantly over face value as plate number blocks are the 3-cent Mount Palomar (catalogue No. 966), 3-cent Fort Bliss (976), $5 Hamilton issue (1053), 8-cent Simon Bolivar (1111), 8-cent Lajos Kossuth (1118), 11-cent International Telecommunication issue (1274), 1-cent Albert Gallatin (1279), Space Twins (1331-1332), $1 Airlift (1341), Historic Flags (1345-1354), Beautification of America (1365-1368), Botanical Congress (1376-1379), Anti-Pollution issue (1410-1413), Christmas Toys (1415-1418), Cape Hatteras issue (1448-1451), 13-cent Indian Head Penny (2734) and many airmail issues.

Stamp News

First-day sale of 14-cent U.S. Flag postal card is Friday at Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201.

First-day sale for the 22-cent Enrico Caruso commemorative in the Performing Arts series was in New York, N.Y. 10001, Feb. 27.

First-day sale for the 2-cent Mary Lyon definitive in the Great Americans series was at South Hadley, Mass. 01075, Feb. 28. Mary Lyon founded Mount Holyoke College.

Barry Krause, a member of several national stamp-collecting organizations, cannot answer mail personally but will respond to philatelic questions of general interest in this column. Do not telephone. Write to Your Stamps, You section, The Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles 90053.

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