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Padre Notebook : Bowa Says Show, Dravecky Are Not Ready Yet

March 05, 1987|STEVE DOLAN | Times Staff Writer

YUMA, Ariz. — The Padres don't begin exhibition play until Friday, but Manager Larry Bowa already is making changes in his pitching rotation.

Bowa said Wednesday that Eric Show and Dave Dravecky will not pitch in a B game Friday against the Angels. Tuesday, Bowa had said they would.

Show and Dravecky are both recovering from tendinitis in the elbow.

"In my opinion, Show and Dravecky aren't ready to throw," Bowa said. "I don't know if it's anything to be concerned about. I told them to pitch an inning (Friday), then I slept on it. It's stupid, plus there are a lot of kids we want to look at in B games."

Neither Show nor Dravecky has had more than minimal discomfort after throwing in practice.

"I think they're trying to take it slow," Show said. "I appreciate their concern. This is a learning experience for me too. I've never had this before."

Bowa said he believes that a team can compete with a four-man pitching rotation. However, he will go with a five-man rotation because of Show's elbow condition. Dravecky will likely start the season in the bullpen.

"If somebody has a bad arm, we'll probably carry 11 pitchers," Bowa said. "Otherwise, we'll take 10."

Carmelo Martinez weighed 205 pounds on Sunday, five pounds over the limit set by Bowa. He was fined $10 a pound for every pound over 200. Martinez owed Bowa $50.

"He said he'd buy me steak and lobster in New York for $50," Bowa said. "I said, 'You got it.' Then he said he'd buy me dinner (Wednesday)."

The Padres enjoyed dinner Wednesday courtesy of the Caballeros de Yuma charity organization. Martinez must still pay off in New York.

Last season at Las Vegas, Bowa said he fined players $25 when they missed a sign.

"Trust me, it'll be more than that here," Bowa said. "Some of those kids didn't make too much. We'll probably start this year at $100. If they still miss signs, we'll go from there."

More injury updates: Outfielder Stanley Jefferson, who injured the soft tissue in his left wrist, was unable to bat but was working in the outfield Wednesday.

Pitcher Ed Wojna threw Wednesday. Earlier this week, he suffered a bruise when hit on the arm by a line drive.

Outfielder Shane Mack is hitting off a tee. Mack still cannot bend his right knee because of five stitches used to close a spike wound.

The Padres have 1,800 general admission seats remaining for Saturday and Sunday games at noon against the Angels in Yuma. Tickets go on sale each day three hours before the game.

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