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Making Waves

March 08, 1987|John M. Wilson

No, you won't be hearing the "Love Boat" theme when ABC TalkRadio psychiatrist Dr. David Viscott steams down to Acapulco aboard the famous Island Princess luxury cruiser--"the very same ship you have seen on television," as his leaflet for a seven-day "transformational cruise" says. But for a fee of from $1,550 "up to around $3,700," you'll be part of "a shipload of people who leave port one day and return a week later transformed." Set for Nov. 14-21, it's billed as "The Coming From Love Boat."

Viscott told us that his goal is "psychological improvement for a large number of people"--600 to be exact. Among the extras they'll get:

A copy of Viscott's forthcoming book, "I Love You--Let's Work It Out" and "your own Personal Growth and Feelings Diary when you board."

Personal attention from staff members of the Viscott Institute (it's in the Valley), an astrologer, an "extraordinary psychic," a financial negotiator who will tell cruisers "how to negotiate in life," a career adviser, a "world-famous astronomer" who will lead nightly sky-scanning, professional masseuses and a "nutritionist who also happens to be a high-fashion model."

Viscott himself will conduct two daily seminars of 2 1/2 hours each and will be "talking to everybody at my table so that everybody has a chance to meet me."

Plus lots of sun, nightly entertainment (no big names) and scenic spots along the Mexican Riviera.

Viscott concedes that promising personal transformation in seven days is a "big order," but emphasized: "I'm very concerned that people get what I'm trying to give them."

If you don't have a full week (or $1,550) to transform yourself, Viscott's "52 Minutes to Change Your Life" ($9.95) is available on audio-cassette.

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