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Bad Dressers

March 08, 1987

In response to Patrick Goldstein's request for reader picks for the worst-dressed rock stars of 1986 (Pop Eye, Jan. 11):

Sigue Sigue Sputnik--The Grand Marshals of the Tastelessly Attired, they lead the parade of Neo-Tech Post-Nuclear Garage Sale Geeks.

The Wilson Sisters of Heart--Tattered Gothic cleavage could hurt their careers in the long run--ask Stevie Nicks.

Sammy Hagar--Such a gorgeous golden mane; why would he dye the roots black?

Don Johnson--The overall look of a young Don King; give his hair a little more time.

Run-D.M.C.--Unpardonable abuse of accessories.

Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot--You be the judge; we can't decide if he belongs on the Worst-Dressed List or the Best Hair Transplant List.

Cindy Lauper--Sporting a hairdo that could shelter the homeless is not an act of charity.



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