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Beach RV Park Spurs Opposition

March 08, 1987

Hooray for the article on "Board Assailed on Sewer Plan" (Westside, Dec. 14). This RV Park proposal was "slipped" in on us by the (Malibu-Santa Monica Mountains) land-use plan. But nobody ever remembered voting it in. It seems to me that the L.A. County Board of Supervisors considers themselves elite.

"The Honorable" Deane Dana has no affinity for Malibu or its residents. I suppose he's never visited our beaches nor does he care! We want to keep our beaches public--not to a select group of RV clubs. Our taxes pay to keep our highways and views of sand and surf accessible for the public--not RVs and convenience stores.

Join our fight against RV parks on Zuma Beach!

We want coastal commissioners who are sensitive to the environment--not to private interest (developers).

Myself, along with other volunteers, have submitted "hundreds" of petitions countywide from people who oppose this RV park. We are addressing them to L.A. Board of Supervisors--Coastal Commissioners, Gov. Deukmejian and many other environmental groups.

It is truly unfair that residents will have to pay for something (sewers) they do not want.

Yes, you are right in saying that after they put in "leach fields" into the sand and "realize it's a 'health' hazard' " they will force us to put in massive sewers.

Keep the articles coming--we won't give up without a fight.



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