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Save With Coupons

March 08, 1987|JACK ADLER

Entertainment Publications of Birmingham, Mich., is putting out a 1987 roster of its coupon booklets in more than 60 domestic markets. Coupon booklets are also available for five markets in Canada plus London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Jerusalem.

In New York, Los Angeles and other large cities, there may be more than one edition covering different parts of the metropolitan area. There are separate Valley and Los Angeles West/South Bay issues.

Each booklet contains coupon offers from restaurants, theaters, hotels, car rentals, sports stadiums and entertainment outlets, theme parks and other sightseeing attractions. Discounts vary, depending on the establishment, or attraction, and destination.

Many of the coupon offers are two-for-one deals. However, coupons may not always be necessary. For example, some restaurants will give you a second dinner free after buying the first dinner by showing a membership card that comes with your kit. You can only use your coupon or card once at each place.

But you may be able to get repeat hotel discounts, as much as 50%, without presenting coupons through use of your membership card. Make sure that you ask for the pertinent discount rates at the time you make your reservation, and that you obtain a confirmation number. Rooms under this program are on a space-available basis.

The hotel's discount can't be coupled with any other special or promotional rate. But as some properties already offer a variety of discounts, you may get an additional 10% discount if this amount would create a lower price. For example, if a hotel already offers a 50% discount you may then get 60% off.

The cost of each booklet usually ranges from $25 to $45. Figure a $1.95 change for handling and shipping. Both Los Angeles books cost $30.

The same outfit put out a "1987 Travel America at Half Price" coupon booklet covering hotels and their restaurants, and sightseeing attractions. Discounts range from 10% to 50%. Toll-free numbers of hotel chains are provided. The booklet costs $25 plus the processing charge. If you buy one of the Los Angeles booklets from the local Entertainment outlet, you can get the national version for half-price.

Information: Entertainment Publications Inc., 1400 N. Woodward Ave., Birmingham, Mich. 48011; (313) 642-8300. If you want to buy a local copy, or get the particulars about where local copies are sold in other cities, call (818) 704-1122.

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