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Reagan's Speech on Iran-Contra Issue

March 11, 1987

The big guy left a lot of questions unanswered. Such as:

--Why didn't he begin to suspect that the Iranians were running a sting when arms went into Iran for 10 months and no hostages came out?

--Why didn't he begin to suspect that we were being snookered when the Iranians tried to trade a dead man (CIA agent William Buckley) for arms?

--If he didn't realize it was a sting before, why doesn't he realize it now, when we can look back and realize that we traded three hostages for three hostages and threw in millions of dollars worth of arms?

--When somebody told him there were moderates in Iran, why didn't he ask, "Who says so?"

With the right questions and the right answers, we might have been spared this whole fiasco, but that presumes that the President would have used his information to make some intelligent decisions.

That may be asking too much.


Los Angeles

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