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Pleasure Flying in Urban Areas

March 14, 1987

Now we can add a professor of biology to the large assortment of aviation experts with obvious solutions to skies crowded with leather-helmeted idiots, scarfs obscuring their vision, hell-bent on self-destruction and ready to take out anyone else in the sky or Sepulveda Boulevard.

After 25 years in general aviation-related business I do not claim the title of expert, nor can I claim to represent a constituency, but I assure one and all I am personally damn tired of the one-sided attack on all that is general aviation.

The vast majority of general aviation people agree that there is a serious problem and are even more concerned about an equitable and safe solution than the good professor in that if the unjust pendulum swings too far, the industry and, yes the benefits to the general public, would be lost.

What general aviation is trying to say is that we need:

--More clearly defined and easily understood control and practice areas.

--Better equipment and working environment for the controllers who most feel are doing a superior job in a pressure cooker atmosphere.

--Better supervision of flight schools and maintenance facilities to assure the proper level of competence.

Many general aviation aircraft are used by and for business purposes, enhancing the economy of local areas and affording income for many related industries.

The majority of people do not realize the depressed state of general aviation. Pleasure flying by definition is less and less a factor for many reasons, most economical, and in fact is already moving to outlying airports.

Where are the airline pilots of the future to come from if not general aviation? They can not all come out of the military.


San Juan Capistrano

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