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A Bad Trip To L.a.

March 21, 1987

Having just returned from a week's vacation in the San Diego-Los Angeles area, I just wanted you to know that in my opinion you folks are really in big trouble.

I can't believe the people in Los Angeles could allow the beauty of their coastline to be ruined by huge oil tankers, "oil-derrick islands," polluted air from oil refineries and those ugly pump-jacks all along the Pacific Coast Highway. Only a few greedy oil people and politicians must be benefiting.

One other sour note: My son was nearly arrested for jaywalking at a WASP rock concert (at the Long Beach Arena) because he was rushing to try to buy a ticket and crossed against a red light in the parking area.

He was detained for 15 minutes with threats of arrest and a fine. The police actually called the police in New Mexico to be sure he was actually a licensed driver here. After it was confirmed that he was, he was allowed to go along to the concert.

Once inside, he told me that kids were smoking pot, drinking and using drugs openly. However, that was making money for the community and apparently not as serious as jaywalking.

Thanks for the memories!


Roswell, N.M.

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