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Losing Out on Raines May Return to Haunt Smith and the Padres

March 21, 1987

I normally reserve my private predictions for the race track, but due to special circumstances I hereby submit them to the public:

Tim Raines will sign with Los Angeles and hit .330.

The Padres will have the highest ERA and the lowest number of runs scored per game in their division.

Larry Bowa will be asked to resign, with Harry Dunlop taking over.

The Padres will not draw a million fans at home.

Joan Kroc will offer the team for $40 million with no takers.

The Padres will finish last in their division (23 games out), and Ballard Smith will break his arm skiing during the playoffs and World Series.

The club will be sold to Jack Kent Cooke during the winter and moved to Washington, D.C., 10 years hence.



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