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Popping Back : Fans Fume, Others Cheer Bruce Blast

March 22, 1987

In the Popping Off column in the March 15 Calendar, Kristine McKenna aired her negative views on the Bruce Springsteen phenomenon. Here's a sample of the heavy reader response, which ran roughly 60% to 40% against McKenna's opinion.

Boy, talk about argument for argument's sake!

Even in high school debate class I was taught to back up my claims with evidence. Obviously, McKenna never took that class or listened to any of Springsteen's music.

She writes that "the man has no sense of humor whatsoever." Huh? Besides neglecting the words and imagery of "Rosalita," "Crush on You," and "Darlington County," to name only a few, McKenna overlooks an important element in Springsteen's popularity--his concerts, where he displays a very polished sense of humor in many of the songs' introductions.

McKenna benevolently allows him a streak of wickedness he can share with friends and loved ones. He shares it with everyone on the "Nebraska" album.

Somehow she claims there is no sex in his music. What? "I'm on Fire." "Fire." "Candy's Room." Enough said.

Finally, she writes that Bruce's music is grim. He shrugs his shoulders to the working-class "trap from which there is no escape." Well, Kristine, it's a town for losers and you're not pullin' out to win.



McKenna claims that she's endured four of Springsteen's concerts .

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