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March 22, 1987

I find it fairly remarkable that Bob Hilburn can question a poll's credibility because there are "too many radio and TV personalities on the panel," and then go on to say that a really legitimate panel should be composed of a select group of newspaper writers and magazine editors ("In Search of Rock's 10 Best LPs," March 15).

What musical training, experience or inherent talent makes Hilburn any more qualified to "weigh good music" than veejay Alan Hunter, for instance?

The arrogance is overwhelming. Would any of these self-appointed "critics" ever consider a panel of real live songwriters, musicians, producers or recording engineers?

Remember them? They're the shallow mercenaries who actually work in the recording studio selecting, composing, arranging, performing, recording and mixing the songs that Hilburn's elite brotherhood of critical experts passes judgment on weekly in Calendar.

Ever notice how much actual musical content is addressed in a music review these days? Let's get real, folks.


Studio City

Werman has produced 45 albums, from Ted Nugent, Jeff Beck and Twisted Sister to Jason and the Scorchers. He is currently mixing "Girls, Girls, Girls," Motley Crue's new LP.

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