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World Events in 1987


Historic anniversary celebrations, top sports events, opera, a desert and the Golden Gate Bridge all add up to special happenings that will make for a memorable vacation this year.

Here are of some of the highlight events around the world.


Arizona: Diamond Jubilee: 75th Anniversary of Arizona's Statehood, through Dec. 31. Exhibits, parades, ceremonies and programs are keyed to the theme of "Diamond in the Rough."

California: Golden Gate Bridge's 50th Anniversary, San Francisco, May 24-27. Waterfront pageantry at the Presidio; a parade of classic and vintage cars across the bridge; sail-unders and fly-overs by historic ships and aircraft; fireworks and the illumination of the bridge towers are all part of the celebration.

Illinois: 150th Anniversary Observance of Chicago, through Dec. 31.

Indiana: 10th Pan American Games, Indianapolis, Aug. 7-23. The first time the games are being held in the United States since Chicago in 1959. More than 4,000 athletes from 37 countries in the Western Hemisphere will compete in 27 sports events at various sites, including Market Square Arena and the Hoosier Dome.

Louisiana: 175th Anniversary of Statehood, through Dec. 31.

Massachusetts: 125th anniversary of the birth of author Edith Wharton, Lenox, June 7-10, and rest of year in Newport, R.I., and New York City.

Michigan: Sesquicentennial of Michigan's Statehood, through Dec. 31. Theme is "A celebration of what was and will be. . . ."

New Mexico: 75th Anniversary of Statehood, through Dec. 31.

North Carolina: U.S. Olympic Festival '87, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, July 17-26. A 34-sport event of the U.S. Olympic Committee for present and future Olympians.

Ohio: 150th Anniversary Year, Toledo, through Dec. 31.

Pennsylvania: "We, the People: All Roads Lead to Philadelphia," Philadelphia, May 22-25 and through Dec. 31. The official kickoff event to celebrate the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution. Special events, festivals and programs to continue the rest of the year and in all 13 original states, many in New York City.

Texas: 150th Anniversary Year of the City, Houston, through Dec. 31.


Newfoundland: 490th Anniversary Celebration of John Cabot's Discovery of Newfoundland in 1497, St. John's, June 20-24. Parades, speeches, ceremonies and pageantry.

Quebec: Exhibit: "Leonardo da Vinci: Engineer and Architect," Montreal, May 22-Nov. 8 at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.


Austria: 150th Anniversary of Austrian Railways, through Dec. 31.

France: Bicentennial of Thomas Jefferson's Wine Tour of France, throughout Burgundy, through Dec. 31; 900th Anniversary of Death of William the Conqueror, throughout Normandy, through Dec. 31; Paris Air Show, Paris, June 11-21 at Le Bourget Airport. Held only once every two years.

Germany: 750th Anniversary of Berlin, both East and West, April 25-Dec. 21. Exhibits, concerts, parades, street fairs and other ceremonies.

Italy: 250th Anniversary of Death of Antonio Stradivari, world-famous music instrument maker, notably the Stradivari violins, Cremona, through Dec. 31. A series of concerts, using Stradivari's musical instruments, will be given in Cremona in May, June and August.

Netherlands: Reopening of Mauritshuis Museum, The Hague, June 5. Museum contains Rembrandt, Vermeer and other Dutch masters.

Scotland: 400th Anniversary of Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, through Dec. 31. Exhibits, festivals, pageantry and tours.


Egypt: Premiere of Verdi's "Aida" at ancient Temple of Luxor, Luxor, May 23. Placido Domingo will sing with the Arena di Verona Opera Company, 180-piece orchestra, 1,000 Egyptian soldiers and the Egyptian Children's Ballet Company. Luxor is 300 miles south of Cairo and is the site Verdi had in mind when he wrote the opera.


Singapore: Miss Universe Pageant, May 27.

Thailand: King's 60th Birthday Celebration, through Dec. 31.

For more details about the special three anniversaries:

400th Anniversary of Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots: British Tourist Authority, 350 S. Figueroa St., Suite 450, Los Angeles 90071; phone 623-8196.

750th Anniversary of Berlin: German National Tourist Office, 444 S. Flower St., Suite 2230, Los Angeles 90071; phone 688-7332.

"We the People 200:" Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau, 1515 Market St., Suite 2020, Philadelphia, Pa. 19102; phone (215) 636-3330.

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