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Fans' Rebuttal: Show Us Respect and Sign Raines

April 04, 1987

Since Peter O'Malley claims to have "great respect" for what the fans say, perhaps he will respect this rebuttal from two lifetime fans to his recent remarks in The Times (March 24).

Mr. O'Malley feels that signing Tim Raines would not be in the long-term interest of the club. In that, we must admit, he is absolutely right. Raines is 27 years old now, and by 1997 he probably won't be doing the Dodgers a bit of good!

But is he really serious when he implies that Ken Landreaux or one of the Dodgers' young prospects is the answer to the center-field problem? If you took Mike Ramsey's glove, Landreaux's swing, Jose Gonzalez's raw speed, and Reggie Williams' personality, you might have one player who is half as good as Raines. Maybe.

So come on, Peter, make an offer! You know you can sign Raines for a lot less than he turned down in Montreal. He's not Stanhouse and he's not Goltz. He's Tim Raines, the best leadoff man in the National League, last year's batting champion, and the answer to your loyal fans' prayers.


Beverly Hills


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