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Irked by the Coverage of Winn Empire Feud

April 05, 1987

As I read the March 22 story, "Unbrotherly Feud Erupts as the Winn Empire Falls," I wondered just how tacky The Times could get.

To air a family's personal problems in the Business section? This story could have come from the National Enquirer--it's not one you would expect to find in The Times.

Also, I took great exception to the slant on Ted Nelson. I have known Ted for several years.

I have always found him to be a sensitive, straightforward, caring person.

Certainly he is not the wounded, "brash gunslinger" you characterized him to be.

The entire story was tasteless and definitely out of place in the Business section.

Let's hope The Times tries for unslanted and business-related stories in the future.



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