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Health Club Members Drink More Than the Less Active, Poll Finds

April 11, 1987|United Press International

NEW YORK — "Work hard, play hard" appears to be the motto of more women who work out at health clubs, a recent survey found.

In a poll released Tuesday comparing the drinking habits of women health club members to their less-active counterparts, the health club members proved to be heftier imbibers.

Of 1,025 women health club members, 80% said they had consumed at least one alcoholic beverage in the preceding week, contrasted with 55% in a control group of another 1,025 women.

The telephone survey, compiled by Self magazine and two research companies, showed 45% of the women who did not work out at clubs had not touched a drop of alcohol during the week.

Only 11% of the health club members made the same claim.

The remainder did not answer the question.

Sixty-one percent of the health club members had drunk wine, 28% beer and 25% hard liquor.

Magazine Editor Marianne Howatson theorized that women who join health clubs are more active socially than women who don't.

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