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Die Distress

April 12, 1987

I've been noticing with great distress for years now, how artists have continued to pictorialize dice incorrectly.

The top die in "Oscar's High Rollers" (Calendar cover, March 29) is also incorrectly shown, as was the bottom die previously pointed out to you by letter writers Kushins and Wang (Calendar Letters, April 5).

If the 6 and 4 are shown properly, then a 5 must appear on the left side where the 2 is. If the 4 and 2 on the top die are taken as being correct, then a 1 must show where the 6 is. And finally, if the 6 and 2 are supposedly correct, then a 3 must be where the 4 is shown.

Come on you guys! Get a pair of dice and prove to yourselves once and for all how they should be drawn and shown correctly.

With great sacrifice but no reluctance I am donating 1 die out of my Yahtzee game for your graphics and art departments' future reference.


Los Angeles


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