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Smoke & Fire

April 19, 1987

According to Colman Andrews' categorization, I am an "allergic, air-polluting smoke hater" unable to sustain conversation or tolerance while in an enclosed space with a smoker (Restaurant Notebook; "A Few Words--Gasp!--in Defense of Smoking," April 12).

Am I to believe that "good ventilation" is the universal solution for separating smoker from "smoke hater"? Do I get marked down because I drive when I could be a purist and ride a bike?

Andrews, revered as he may be as a restaurant critic, is setting himself up to be reviled by us "smoke haters" for his arcane, simplistic and unworkable "ventilation theory." It is unfortunate that his "gustatory pleasures" are being sacrificed by self-serving health crusaders.

I suggest he jog over to Los Angeles (no car please, it pollutes) and deaden his palate with an aromatic Macanudo, among friends. Cheers to an arrogant, insufferably insensitive smoker that we "smoke haters" love to hate.


Editor, Californians

for Non-Smokers' Rights

Woodland Hills

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